What is Traditional Thai Massage?

Traditional Thai massage has its origins dating back some 2,500 years as a Buddhist holistic healing technique. Through gentle stretching and pressure applied with the hands and feet, the therapist is able to relieve muscular and joint tension, adjust skeletal structure and posture, remove accumulated toxins from the muscles and balance the body’s natural energy. Designed to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually, Thai massage is a great way to increase health, vitality and well being.


Our therapies include:

Traditional Thai Massage - Therapeutic massage to ease muscle and ligament tension

Traditional Thai Massage
(Nuat Pan Boran)

The technique involves putting gentle but firm pressure on the body with the palms and thumbs, as well as relaxing stretching of the limbs and back. In this way it works effectively on skin, muscle, the organs and the skeletal structure.

Traditional Thai Massage - Traditional Thai Oil massage and Aromatherapy

Traditional Thai Oil massage and Aromatherapy

Relaxing full body oil massage offering simple stress relief, Thai aromatherapy massage offers a more relaxing massage that gently stimulates the muscles releasing endorphins in the your body.

Traditional Thai Massage - Thai foot Massage (Nuad Pan Boran)

Thai foot Massage Reflexology

Thai Foot Massage is a treatment of the lower legs and feet that involves physically stretching and massaging to open Sen (energy). This technique encourages the mind and body to restore its own natural healthy balance and harmony.

Traditional Thai Massage - Thai Herbal Ball Massage

Thai Herbal Ball Massage

This massage combines the benefits of classic Thai massage with the healing powers of heat provided by a Thai herbal ball. Thermotherapy and compression are fused to alleviate muscle soreness and myofacial pain in sensitive areas.

What people are saying…

A bad experience with a therapist has made me very particular when it comes to massage! This is due to a long standing problem with sciatica, which needs clever and thoughtful manipulation by hands that know what they are looking or feeling for. You need to find a therapist that you can trust, otherwise it is very difficult to relax whilst they are feeling their way around your problem areas. I have now been seeing Thongbai for several weeks and I can honestly say that she has amazing, healing hands. Thongbai seems to know exactly where to touch to alleviate the pressure on my nerves and spine, even after the first session I knew straight away that I had found someone who could help me. I have great pleasure in recommending Thongbai to anyone with back pain, be it sciatica, or even if you are just looking for a relaxing massage, she is an extremly pleasant lady who always greets you with a smile and thanks to her I am now in considerably less pain.

D. Edwards